Jack Thorpe

Consulting in user experience, information architecture and interaction design
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The Work

Areas of Expertise

Research & UX Strategy
Market & Competitor Analysis
Stakeholder & Customer Interviews
Vision & Strategy Workshops - Design & Facilitation
Current State Usability Audit
Future State Vision
UX Strategy

Information Architecture
Requirements Definition
User Persona Development
Use Case Stories
User Process Flows
Website/App Structure
Screen Level Wireframes
Usability Testing - Design & Facilitation

Interaction Design
Screen Level Interaction Wireframes
Interaction Patterns

Engagement Models

UX/IA Team Leader
I’m capable and comfortable in a leadership role with a team of junior or senior UX/IA creatives. I’ve built and led teams in the past and understand - from a leadership perspective - what it takes to deliver quality results on time and budget.

UX/IA Team Member
I’m happy working collaboratively as a member within an existing team. I’m comfortable delivering strategic thinking or specific design deliverables within the context of a larger creative effort.

Client Interface
I spend much of my time on projects interfacing with clients - from high-level, strategic workshops to tactical reviews of requirements and wireframes. I’m comfortable working one-on-one at client sites.

Remote, Solo Role
Or you can use me as a remote resource for getting things done. I’m a good manager of time and deliverables and can be tasked to complete research, strategy or design tasks as needed.

The Basics

With 17 years experience designing websites, apps, online marketing campaigns and other digital experiences, I’ve come to embrace "the curative power of good design". I know the right kinds of questions to ask, the most productive way to spend project hours and how to best interact with clients. I have high standards for project deliverables and always meet my deadlines.

I’ve tackled large and small projects for a wide range of industries which allows me to bring considerable knowledge to the table. I’ve worked within the rigid structure of Fortune 50 corporations as well as the bootstrap flexibility of start-ups. I know how to succeed in these very different environments.

In addition to UX/IA, I’ve played a variety of project roles - visual designer, online marketing, “above the line” advertising, copywriting/naming and project management. I can contribute to projects outside of a defined role in UX/IA.

Finally, I’d like to think that I’m fun to work with! I’ve learned along the way that producing great design doesn’t mean we all suffer. I like to foster a light and engaged rapport with the people I work with. After all, designing is fun!

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